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If you are a hardcore gamer then you will find it a great fun to watch livestream of eSports events such as League of Legends World Championship and International DOTA 2 tournament. Even if you are a casual gamer, you can still take pleasure from watching other players across the world get to the next level in Minecraft or classic Super Mario 64. In terms of monthly active users, - the fourth-highest Internet traffic site during peak hours in North America, behind Netflix, Google, and Apple, is definitely the biggest name in the game live streaming space. It is the largest and most popular video game streaming platform which allows millions of video game players around the globe to broadcast their real-time gameplay on PCs, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or cell phones to spectators. The streamed game videos on Twitch are also archived after a broadcast, so viewers can watch the gameplay video later to learn strategies, or just for fun. These archived videos are usually over 3 hours in length, which makes it very inconvenient for viewers to watch online from start to finish. So is there any Twitch downloader out there that can save Twitch video to your desktop or laptop? Yes, we have a solution for this. With the help of Houlo Video Downloader, you can easily download full-length gameplay footage from Twitch and watch them in high quality offline.

Below detailed guide will show you how to download video from step by step.

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Download and install the latest version of Twitch downloader. Launch the free software and tweak some settings according to your needs.


Go to and find the most popular gameplay video you'd like to download. Copy the video URL from your browser's address bar.


Paste the URL into the field beside the "Download" button and save the video by clicking "Download" button to download Twitch video to your desktop or laptop.