Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Houlo Audio Recorder free?

Yes and no. Houlo Audio Recorder is available in two versions: Trial (free), and Premium (paid). There are no fees when using Trial version which contains a purchase option to upgrade to Premium version.

N days left in your trial period: What does it mean?

The number of days left in the trial are non-consecutive days, which means it only counts days you actually run it. For example, if you use it one day, and then use it 2 weeks later, then this will only count as two days.

How to upgrade to Premium version?

Basic version is the actual version of the program that just has not yet been registered. If you decide to upgrade to Premium version, all you need is to just download the latest version of Houlo Audio Recorder and then purchase a "license" for the software.

How do I register Premium version of Houlo Audio Recorder?

In the "About" dialog, click on the "Enter License File" button. Find the license file (that was emailed to you) where you saved it and click on it. You will be prompted to restart Houlo Audio Recorder to complete registration. Confirm by clicking on Yes, and you're all done!

How do I purchase a license?

You can purchase the license via our secure online selling channel which is provided by our e-commerce partner, through a secure SSL connection. Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you that includes the license file and instructions on how to register.