Audio Recording and Converting Done Right

Houlo Audio Recorder provides a comprehensive yet easy way to record original-quality audio and music being played by your computer, as well as to capture sound coming from external sources such as microphone and line-in device in near-perfect quality. This versatile tool gives you the ability to turn your PC into a powerful audio recording system which enables you to:

  • Mix microphone input with existing audio stream to allow for recording two-sided Skype calls and VoIP conversations.
  • Record any audio playback including music, in-game sound, voice chat, streaming audio, live radio broadcasts and online courses.
  • Perform scheduled recording to automatically record vocals, business meetings, interviews, conferences, podcasts and narrations.
  • Record and produce your own song in your DIY home studio, with little more than a computer, microphone, and some headphones.
  • Capture audio from CD/DVD player, AM/FM radio, AUX input device, as well as digitize your cassette tapes and vinyl collection.
  • Extract audio from video files and convert audio files to a variety of formats like AAC, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV and WMA.

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Latest Version: 1.58
Release Date: 2022-06-30

All-in-One Audio Solution

Houlo Audio Recorder offers a one-stop audio recording solution for enterprises and organizations to help them keep track of their VoIP calls and Skype conversations in real-time and in original quality, so that their interactive sessions with partners, suppliers and important clients can be captured for future reference.

Feature-rich and Versatile

To deliver the best audio recording experience possible, Houlo Audio Recorder provides our users, be they professionals or beginners, with rich configuration options including audio sources, sound multiplier, as well as customizable format and quality of the output audio file. What's more, you can even choose to perform audio recording in background mode in order for you to remain productive.

Automatic Audio Recorder

You can take advantage of the hands-free scheduled audio recording feature, which allows you to initiate the long time recording of any sound automatically at a preset time on a daily or weekly basis. Now, you will never miss any important seminar, webinar or presentation when you are not around.

Fast Audio Converter

Houlo Audio Recorder comes with a highly-configurable built-in audio converter, using which you can batch convert your music and sounds to multiple formats like MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAVE, WMA, M4A and AC3. Besides audio conversion, this powerful tool offers a fast and efficient approach for extracting audio files from various video files in high speed and without loss of sound quality.